Roller Mill

Our roller mill is domestic advanced dry ultrafine powder grinding equipment for non-metallic ores. It crushes materials by the principles of impact, squeezing and grinding. Materials are crushed completely with desirable fineness. Compared with ball mill and other milling products, our product can reduce energy consumption by 30%.

Model MT-188 HLM-880D HLM-580
Mesh Production Capacity (kg/h) Power Consumption (kw) Production Capacity (kg/h) Power Consumption (kw) Production Capacity (kg/h) Power Consumption (kw)
400 6000-7000 22 4000-5000 27 1000-1200 50
800 3000-3500 45 1800-2100 60 800-900 70
1250 2000-2500 70 1200-1500 95 450-550 110
1500 1800-2000 73 1000-1200 110 350-400 140
1800 1500-1800 90 800-1000 136 300 185
2500 1200-1300 120 600-800 175 --------- ---------
3000 900-1100 145 500-700 200 ---------- ---------

There is a big gap between the grinding wheel fixed on the support frame and the pin bearing. When the grinding wheel support frame revolves with the spindle, the grinding wheel is thrown to the grinding ring by the centrifugal force. It presses the inner wall of the grinding ring and rotates around the pin bearing. When getting through the gap between the grinding wheel and grinding ring, the materials are crushed by the impact, squeezing and grinding.

The inner grading device produces high precision classification. The grading wheel is specially designed and yields good grading effect without large particles. Wearing parts of this roller mill are made of special abrasion-resistant alloy and thus have long service life. With high efficiency, this product can save 60% investment.

We provide three models of this product with the mesh ranging from 400 to 3000. The production capacity is at least 6t/h for the MT-188 product with the mesh of 400 and it is 0.9t/h for the MT-188 product with the mesh of 3000.

As an experienced roller mill manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a broad range of products that including horizontal sand mill, high temperature & high pressure mechanical seal, steam heating reactor, and more.

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