Horizontal Air Classifier

The Horizontal Air Classifier is a mandatory-type centrifugal classifier equipped with secondary air and horizontally mounted classifying rotor. It is composed of feeder, vane rectifier, grading rotor, etc.

Model WFJ-260 WFJ-400 WFJ-600 WFJ-800 WFJ-1000 WFJ-1500
Grinding Size (μm) 2-15 2-15 2-15 2-15 2-15 2-15
Capacity (kg/h) 50-200 300-1000 500-1500 1000-3000 2000-6000 6000-8000
Rotor Power (kw) 3.0 5.5 7.5 11×3 15×3 15×6
System Airflow (m3/h) 600 2100 5000 7500 9000 15000
Air Consumption (m3/min/MPa) 1.25/0.7 1 .8/0.7 2.5/0.7 4.5/0.7 6/0.7 10/0.7

Materials are fed through the upper tank and are sieved by the outside primary air. The particles are fully dispersed and rise to the grading zone. Particles are subjected to the centrifugal force produced by the grading rotor rotating at a high speed as well as centripetal force generated by the viscous effect of the airflow. When the centrifugal force acting on the particles is greater than the centripetal force, the coarse particles with the size larger than the grading diameter will be swirled done along the container wall. The outside secondary air is rectified by the guide vane into a uniform swirling flow which separates the fine particles from the coarse ones. Then, the coarse particles will be discharged from the lower port and the fine ones with the size below the grading diameter will go with the airflow into the cyclone separator and collector. The purified air is discharged through the draught fan.

This Horizontal Air Classifier can fit with various dry type powder milling machinery, such as jet mill, planetary mill, ball mill, Raymond mill, vibration mill, etc., to form a closed-circuit system. It has high grading efficiency and the particle size distribution is narrow. Ultrafine powder products, 97% of which have particle size less than 5μm, can be obtained. Made of abrasion resistant materials, the horizontal grading rotor has stable performance and long lifespan.

Flowchart of the WFJ Horizontal Air Classifier

1. WFJ Turbine Type Air Classifier System
2. Cyclone Separator
3. Dust Collector
4. Draught Fan

5. Coarse Particles
6. Finished Products
7. Air

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