Sand Mill, Bead Mill System

The bead mill (also called sand mill) is a grinding machine equipped with several rotating grinding discs and a variety of grinding media. Materials to be ground mix with the grinding media and rotate under the action of the rotating grinding discs. They are crushed by the lapping and shearing forces caused between materials and the grinding media or parts of the milling chamber. Compared with other similar products, the bead mill system has higher production efficiency, lower cost, higher product fineness and other advantages.

The horizontal sand mill produced by our company grinds the slurry by the grinding media driven by the rotating discs. The slurry with qualified solid material outflows through the filtering gap or sieve with the size smaller than that of the grinding media. The cylinder part of this equipment is equipped with cooling or heating devices to prevent the heat generated by the mutual friction between materials, grinding media and rotating discs affecting product quality or to prevent grinding efficiency reducing caused by the condensation of the slurry. In the process of refining materials, this equipment also has dispersion and mixing functions, which is suitable for the grinding of dye, pigment, paint, coating, medicine and other suspension or colloidal suspension agents.

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