Lithium battery high temperature coating reactor

Working principle:
The lithium battery high temperature coating reactor is equipped with a stable and efficient heating system, which can effectively solve the problem of uneven carbonization coating of the lithium battery anode material in the high temperature static furnace, and the problem that the tar is not easily discharged during processing.

1. Horizontal cylindrical mixing chamber, able to provide 90-8000L vertical and horizontal integrated lithium battery anode production line.
2. Good cooling effect, the operating temperature of the equipment is less than 650°C.
3. Multi-loop cycle mixing, the company's unique patented technology is used for the mechanical seal of the equipment, it can solve the problem of long-term operation under high temperature conditions.
4. The high-efficiency and high-precision mixing technology completely solves the problems of material sticking and unloading.
5. The equipment uses automatic control to avoid product instability caused by human error.

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