Hydraulic Pump Station Auxiliary Device

The hydraulic pump station auxiliary device is used together with the double mechanical seal. It is connected with the mechanical seal by the metal hose as shown in the figure. During using, adjust the overflow valve and right angle needle-shaped valve to make the pressure of the pump station higher than that of the mechanical seal by 0.1 MPa. Note that lubricants, engine oil or glycerin, should be used inside the hydraulic pump station. Our company offers two types of this device, JMY40 and JMY100. The pressure regulation range is 0.5-4.0MPa and 0.5-10MPa respectively.

We are a China-based hydraulic pump station auxiliary device manufacturer and supplier. Our products include Reactor Using Mechanical Seal, metallic nanometer powder, reactor, jet mill system, sand mill, and more.

Related Names
Auxiliary Equipment for Hydraulic Power Unit | Auxiliary Device for Hydraulic Pump

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