Auxiliary Pressurizing Device for Mechanical Seal

The auxiliary pressurizing device for mechanical seal is mainly used for the pressurization and fluid infusion of the sealing liquid in the closed cycle of the reactor mechanical seal (double end face, pressure exceeding 0.6MPa). Pressure inside the seal cavity is kept in a certain proportion with that of the reactor to result in a damping effect, thus ensuring that the mechanical seal works in a stable state.

Model FMY-Z-100 FMY-Z-64 FMY-Z-40 FMY-Z-25
Working pressure 0-10MPa 0~6.4MPa 0-10MPa 0~2.5MPa
Working temperature -60-200℃ -60- 200 -60- 150"C -60~150℃

Note: No cooling coil is attached with the FMY-Z-25 and FMY-Z-40 types of product.

As a specialized mechanical seal manufacturer in China, we offer auxiliary pressurizing device for mechanical seal, SC formulation plant milling and mixing system, inert gas protection jet mill system, and stainless steel reactor, among others.

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Seal Pressurization Auxiliary Devices | Pressurizer

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