Air Classifier System

The Air Classifier System produced by our company uses aerodynamics for the ultra-narrow grading of micron materials. It can be used for the ultrafine grading of materials that can not be graded by ordinary sorting equipment. It is particularly suitable for the processing of materials with strict demand on the maximum particle size and size distribution, such as talc, mica, auxin, kaolin, coating, graphite, aluminum hydroxide, etc.

Our product can also classify materials having strict requirement of the particle size range while meeting the requirements of purity and shape, such as copier toner, laser printer powder, cell phone batteries powder, industrial battery powder, etc. It can grade materials with extremely strict demand on impurity content or materials sensitive to irons. In addition, this Air Classifier System can be applied to grade diamond, silicon carbide, corundum and other hard materials with small abrasion. Welcome to purchase.

Miyou Group is a professional Air Classifier System manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide a comprehensive range of products, including Reactor Using Mechanical Seal, reactor, sand mill, bead mill system, and more.

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