Vertical Air Classifier

The Vertical Air Classifier applies to the fine grading of dry micron products. It can grade spherical, flaky and needle-like particles as well as particles with different density.

The grading rotor with the latest design is adopted, which significantly improves the particle size of the graded products, thus achieving high precision grading. In the meantime, the grading efficiency is greatly increased. Multiple classifiers can be used in series to produce products in multiple particle size ranges. This equipment can also be used with various grinding devices to improve production efficiency.

Advanced automatic control system is adopted and the running state is displayed in real time. Easy to operate, the Vertical Air Classifier runs under negative pressure. The dust emission is less than 40mg/m3 and the noise is not higher than 60dB.

Model LFJ-400 LFJ-600 LFJ-800
Grading Size (μm) 2-15 2-15 2-15
Capacity (kg/h) 300-1000 500-1500 1000-3000
Rotor Power (kw) 4 7. 5 11
System Air Flow(m3/h) 2400 3800 5000
Air Consumption(m3/min/MPa) 1.6/0.7 2.0/0.7 3.0/0.7

Flowchart of the LFJ Vertical Air Classifier

1. Feeding Device
2. LFJ Vertical Air Classifier
3. Cyclone Separator

4. Dust Collector
5. Draught Fan
6. Rotary Valve

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