Mechanical Seal Auxiliary Device

Our company provides various mechanical seal auxiliary devices. The hydraulic pump station auxiliary device is used together with the double mechanical seal and it can ensure good sealing, reliable operation and high efficiency of the pump station. With the working pressure as high as 10MPa, our pressurizing product is easy to install and has long service life. The mechanical seal heat exchange auxiliary equipment works normally in environments with the temperature ranging from -60℃ to 200℃. The working pressure is 0-2.5MPa and the heat exchange area reaches 0.5m2. Reasonably designed, this product has good cooling effect. It can effectively prevent damage and deformation of the seal caused by heat, thus ensuring the safety of the seal.

As a professional mechanical seal manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide not only mechanical seal auxiliary device, but also reactor, Air Classifier System, metallic nanometer powder, sand mill, bead mill system, and much more.

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