Bottom Agitating Mechanical Seal

The bottom agitating mechanical seal consists of shaft bearing system and double mechanical seal. Applicable to polyethylene, polypropylene, suspended particles and crystalline medium, it adopts an assembled structure, which is very compact and makes the installation more convenient. Its operating temperature is -40℃ to 180℃ and the rotational speed is less than 2m/s.

Reasonably designed, our product has good sealing performance. The friction is small, so the shaft or sleeve is basically free from abrasion and thus has a long lifespan. With good resistance to shock, our product is not sensitive to the vibration and deflection of the rotating shaft. In addition, this device has a wide range of application. With low failure rate and small maintenance costs, it can be used for the sealing of various abrasive media in environments of low or high temperature and high pressure.

Our company is an experienced bottom agitating mechanical seal manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a vast array of products, including reactor, sand mill, bead mill system, special seal for sand mill, and more.

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