Nano Bismuth Powder

The nano bismuth powder produced by our company has uniform particle size distribution, good dispersibility, high oxidation temperature and excellent sintering shrinkage property. The average particle size is 20nm to 300nm and special processing can be conducted based on customers' requirements. Products with different sizes appear dark gray to black and there is no agglomeration. Every 100 to 1000 grams of the product is packaged by an anti-static plastic bag.

TEM Test Result

Particle Size Distribution

Self-lubricating and self-repairing films will form on the surface of the friction pairs by adding nano bismuth powder into the lubricating grease, which can significantly improve the performance of the lubricating grease. Bismuth has low melting point, high boiling point and small thermal neutron absorption cross section, so it can work as the heat-transfer medium for nuclear reactor. In addition, our product can be used as the additive for cast iron, steel and aluminum alloys to improve the cutting performance of the alloys.

Chemical Composition
Grade Chemical Composition/%
O Impurity Bi
FBiN-20 <0.1 <0.3 Margin
FBiN-50 <0.05 <0.3 Margin
FBiN-80 <0.01 <0.3 Margin
Note: The impurities include B, Al, Si, Cr, Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu, Mo, W, P, C, S, etc. We can also provide the specific chemical composition of the impurities if customers want to know.
Physical Properties
Grade Median Diameter/nm Specific Surface Area/(m2/g) Bulk Density/(g/cm3)
FBiN-20 <30 >20 0.04~5
FBiN-50 ≥30~60 >15 0.05~0.7
FBiN-80 ≥60~100 >8 0.06~0.8

As a specialized nano bismuth powder manufacturer and supplier in China, our company offers a variety of products, including nano zinc powder, fluidized bed jet mill, stainless steel reactor, horizontal sand mill, and much more.

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