Nanometer Copper and Nickel Composite Powder

Our company can produce various highly uniform nanometer copper and nickel composite powder with controllable particle size and composition. The product is deep blue black and spherical. The particle size distribution is uniform and the bulk density is 0.8g/cm3. With a high degree of purity, the product has good dispersibility and small sintering contractility. Every 100 to 1000 grams of the product are packaged by a plastic bag with anti-static liner.

This product can be used as the raw material to produce bulk copper-nickel nanocomposite by powder metallurgy sintering adopting inert gas shielding. It can also work as the lubricant additive. Self-lubricating and self-repairing films will form on the surface of the friction pairs in the course of friction by adding copper and nickel composite powder into the lubricating oil or grease. This will provide a considerable reduction and compensation of wear of the friction pairs. Compared with the single metal nano lubricant additive, our product has small friction factor and short repair time, and the adding amount is reduced by three to five times.

Related Analysis Data

1. Electron Micrograph

2. Particle Size Distribution

3. XRD (The grain size is 50nm.)
4. XRF (The mean grain size is 50nm and the composition is Cu60% and Ni40%)

Element Wt.% Std. Err.
Cu 59.91 0.25
Ni 39.38 0.24
S 0.040 0.0021
Al 0.037 0.0027
Mn 0.0088 0.0008
Pb 0.0048 0.0016

We are a specialized nanometer copper and nickel composite powder manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including nano zinc powder, Reactor Using Mechanical Seal, stainless steel reactor, lab jet mill, and much more.

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