Nano Copper Powder

Nano copper powder with different particle sizes looks purple black to black without other colors mixed. The particle is spherical and there is no obvious agglomeration.

TEM Test Result

Particle Size Distribution


1. Surface Conductive Coating Processing of Metal and Non-metal
With a highly activated surface, nano copper powder can be used for coating under anaerobic conditions below the smelting point of the particles. This technology can be applied to the production of microelectronic devices.

2. Efficacious Catalyzer
Catalyzer made of nanopowder of copper and its alloy has high efficiency and can be used in reactions like carbon dioxide and hydrogen synthesizing methanol.

3. Conductive Paste
Copper nanoparticles can be used to replace the precious metals to make electric paste, which can significantly reduce cost. This technology can promote further optimization of the microelectronics processes.

4. Raw Materials for Bulk Metallic Nanomaterials
Large bulk copper metal nano-composite structural material can be made by powder metallurgy sintering protected by inert gas.

5. Drug Additive
The nano copper powder can be used as the additive for specific drugs to treat osteoporosis, hyperostosis and other diseases.

6. Nano-metal Self-healing Agent
The copper nanoparticles can be added into the lubricating oil of metal friction pairs for various mechanical equipment to realize self healing of the worn parts, which is energy-saving. This can also increase the service life of the equipment.

Chemical Composition
Grade Chemical Composition/%
O Impurity Cu
FCuN-20 <0.1 <0.3 Margin
FCuN-50 <0.01 <0.3 Margin
FCuN-80 <0.01 <0.3 Margin
Note: The impurity includes B, Al, Si, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Mo, W, P, C, S, etc. The specific chemical composition of the impurity can also be provided as per customers' request.
Physical Properties
Grade Median Diameter/nm Specific Surface Area/(m2/g) Bulk Density/(g/cm3)
FCuN-20 <30 >20 0.04~5
FCuN-50 ≥30~60 >15 0.05~0.7
FCuN-80 ≥60~100 >8 0.06~0.8

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