Lab Jet Mill

Fit to be used in the lab, the QF-88 lab jet mill can be used for the superfine pulverizing of farm chemicals, western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and other dry powder materials in the chemical and metallurgical industries. Small in size, this product has a relatively low production capacity which is 0.5 to 10 kilograms per hour. For common materials, particle size of 1,000mesh can be realized after one time milling.

Model QF-88
Production Capacity(kg/h) 0.5-10
Air Consumption(m3/min) 2
Working Pressure (MPa) 0.75-0.85
Feed Particle Size(mesh) 100-325
Grinding Size(μm) 0.5-30
Installed Power(kw) 20

During working, little noise is produced and no impurity will be mixed into the materials. Temperature inside the equipment will not rise and the depletion to the equipment is extremely low. The excellent leakproofness ensures no depletion of the materials as well as clean working environment. In addition, our product is easy to install, dismantle and clean. There is no dead angle inside it, so no contamination caused by the residual material will be resulted.

QF-88 Lab Jet Mill

1.Grading Zone
2. Finished Products
3. Raw Material
4. Negative Pressure
5. Milling Chamber

1. Air Compressor
2. Air Tank
3. Precision Filter
4. Air Freeze Dryer
5. Sterilization Filter
6. QF Fluidized Bed Jet Mill
7. Cyclone Separator
8. Dust Collector
9. Draught Fan

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