GMP Certified Jet Mill Unit

This GMP certified jet mill unit applies to the ultrafine pulverization of various cosmetics, Chinese medicine, western medicine, health care products, etc. The material is crushed by the expanded gas and the temperature will not rise, making our product suitable for the grinding of sugary, volatile, heat-sensitive, and low melting point materials.

Model QF-148 QF-248 QF-348 QF-488
Production Capacity (kg/h) 5-100 50-200 80-380 200-500
Air Consumption(m3/min) 3 6 10 20
Working Pressure (MPa) 0.8-1.5 0.8-1.5 0.8-1.5 0.8-1.5
Feed Particle Size (mesh) 60-120 60-120 60-120 60-120
Grinding Size(μm) 0.5-30 0.5-30 0.5-30 0.5-30
Installed Power (kw) 40 60 95 188

Adopting the domestic initiative and international leading automatic intelligent control system, the precise control of the grinding process can be realized, ensuring narrow and uniform particle size distribution. Powder particles with the size of 0.5-30nm can be produced because of the large impact caused by the high-speed gas flow.

Our product is specially designed to prevent oil from entering. The inert gas undergoes three levels of filtration which are rough filtration, precision filtration and sterilization filtration. The pulverization is completed by the collision of material particles. All these factors make the pulverization process pollution-free. In addition, this jet mill unit has a simple structure. Its inner and outer walls have high finish, and there is no dead angle, which facilitates cleaning.

Jet Mill Unit Certified by GMP

Fully Automatic Control Cabinet with Touch Screen

Flowchart of the GMP Certified Jet Mill Unit

1. Air Compressor
2. Air Tank
3. Oil Remover
4. Rough filter
5. Air Freeze Dryer
6. Precision filter
7. Sterilization filter
8. Jet Mill
9. Cyclone Separator
10. Dust Collector
11. Draught Fan

As a specialized GMP certified jet mill unit manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide not only jet mill system, but also Air Classifier System, metallic nanometer powder, bottom agitating mechanical seal, and sand mill, among others.

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